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Revolutionizing Automotive Sales Operations with Custom Salesforce Solutions: A Case Study

Disjointed Sales Process

The sales process was fragmented, with sales teams relying on multiple tools and systems to manage leads, customer information, and inventory. This resulted in inefficiencies and a lack of a unified customer view.

Complex ordering for customized Vehicle

AutoMotion offered a wide range of vehicle models with numerous custom configuration options. Managing these complex configurations was challenging, leading to errors in orders and production delays.

Inefficient After-Sales Service

The after-sales service department lacked an effective system for managing customer service requests and maintenance schedules, resulting in delays, miscommunication, and decreased customer satisfaction.

Limited Reporting

AutoMotion struggled to gain actionable insights from its data, hindering decision-making and the ability to optimize operations and marketing efforts.

Custom Sales Management Application

A custom application was designed to streamline the sales process. It provided a centralized platform for lead management, inventory tracking, and customer information, enabling sales teams to efficiently manage prospects and customer relationships.

Custom Vehicle Configuration Tool

A custom tool was developed to simplify vehicle configuration. It allowed customers to select options seamlessly, reducing errors in orders and production delays. Integration with manufacturing systems ensured real-time updates on production status.

Custom Service Request Management

A custom service request management system was implemented to streamline after-sales service operations. It enabled customers to schedule service appointments, track maintenance history, and communicate with service teams in real-time.

Custom Analytics Dashboard

A custom analytics dashboard was created to gain actionable insights from sales and operational data. It included key performance indicators, demand forecasting, and sales trends, facilitating data-driven decision-making.


Streamlined Sales Process


Efficient Vehicle Configuration


Improved After-Sales Service


Data-Driven Decision-Making


Business Growth