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How does CPQ help you

Salesforce CPQ allows businesses to eliminate all the potential errors and enhance the accuracy of the sales quotes. It empowers the sales of the organizations and accelerates their growth. Salesforce CPQ is the ultimate powerful tool to streamline the sales process of the organization.

Faster Quotes

Salesforce CPQ automates all the manual workflows. With increased speed, it helps in the faster generation of quotes for enhanced customer experience.

Better Control

Salesforce CPQ offers organizations with better control over the quoting process. It helps in better measurement of the consistency and accuracy of quotes.

Simpler Process

Salesforce CPQ simplifies the whole quoting process. It helps in reducing the time to the market.

Features of Salesforce® CPQ

Configure Products

This tool allows you to configure different types of products and services based on their characteristics, whether they are product bundles or multidimensional quoting products.

Fix Prices

Salesforce CPQ has several price books that correspond to different business scenarios.

Generate Quotes

Salesforce CPQ enables real-time, automated creation of high-quality documentation, both in form and content, that fits the business.