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How does Field Service Lightning help you

Field Service Lightning allows you to embed processes, create a mobile optimized community, manage data centrally, and empower your customer service team with the ability to engage with clients meaningfully to boost customer satisfaction and revenue.

Improved agent productivity and customer retention

By providing valuable insights and analytics that allow your agents to respond quickly and efficiently.

Creating engaging experience for customers

By leveraging case histories, personal preferences, and reaching out to them through their preferred platform of communication.

Features of Salesforce® Field Service Lightning

Management of Work orders

creation of work orders to easily and effectively track any work taking place in the field. Work orders can be integrated with accounts, assets, cases, contacts, entitlements and service contracts.

Schedule and dispatch

Smart Scheduling can be used for instantly booking appointments through Lightning Console and it automatically assign appointments to the right mobile employee based on location, time and skills.

Asset management & Monitoring

Simplifies and speeds up the identifying of asset parts in need of repair. By using the Advanced Assets can help in tracking customers’ products and leverage asset hierarchy to track products consisting of several parts in a single view.

Manage and monitor

Dispatcher Console manages the mobile operations, check alerts for issues that require action, schedule bulk jobs with a single click and track and monitor mobile employees in real time.