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How does Pardot help you

Pardot assist B2B firms in streamlining their marketing and sales procedures, automating crucial workflows, and increasing the effectiveness of their marketing and sales teams as a whole.

AI Powered Lead Generation

Empower your sales and marketing teams to reach out to the right lead at the right time with the Pardot Einstein AI engine.

Smarter Marketing Automation

A host of powerful B2B marketing automation features put you in full command right from the word Go.

Insightful ROI Reporting

Understand what’s working and what’s not, align your teams and processes using insights from meaningful reports and dashboards.

Features of Salesforce® Pardot

Connected Campaign

This Pardot feature helps you to combine the Pardot and Salesforce campaign, streamline campaign management, and improve the campaign reporting quick and easy.

B2B Marketing Analytics

B2B marketing analytics tool helps you to visualize campaign ROI (return on investment) across the various campaigns to prioritize and increase/decrease spending for the campaigns that work best.

Salesforce User Sync

Helps administrators to manage their Pardot and Salesforce users