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How does Service Cloud help you

Salesforce Service Cloud empowers your organization to deliver best-class customer service – from the help desk to social media channels – with drastically cutting costs.

Improved Customer Support

Salesforce Service Cloud can provide assistance to customers from anywhere, anytime. With the help of the Salesforce Mobile App, employees can carry out their tasks from the comfort of their mobile phones anywhere.

Better Agent Productivity

Businesses can enhance the development and effectiveness of their customer service representatives by implementing Salesforce Service Cloud.

All Customer Data In a Single Location

Salesforce provides the easiest solution to keep track of all the valuable customer data and store them in a single location for better access

Features of Salesforce® Service Cloud


Omni-channel enables the provision of customer assistance over a wide range of communication channels, including live agent chats, email, and phone. Service Cloud assists in gathering cases from various channels and assigning them to the appropriate agents in accordance with the pre-established criteria.

Case Management

The Service Cloud's case management tool covers every step, from case creation, prioritizing, and assignment to escalation, reassignment, and closure.

Service Console

The service console makes it simpler for the agents to conveniently obtain case-specific insights. It displays both the cases' past and present developments.

Knowledge Base

A thorough knowledge base that is developed with the aid of Service Cloud proves to be highly beneficial for the agents. Not only does it assist the agents in finding all of their answers, but it also speeds up case resolution.