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How does Tableau help you

Tableau CRM is a mobile-friendly business productivity platform equipped with sophisticated business and customer analytics capabilities.

Improved Analysis and Visualization of Data

With seamless integration between Tableau and Salesforce, the clients can enjoy powerful features of data visualization right within the Salesforce interface.

Excellent Analytical Capabilities

Tableau frees your sales staff from this limitation with its intuitive interface, easy analytics features, and extended point and clicks controls to manipulate the data.

Improving Enterprise Coordination and Knowledge Sharing

It facilitates seamless information sharing across different departments of the organization

Features of Salesforce® Tableau

Data Integration

Tableau CRM seamlessly integrates with various Salesforce data sources and other external data systems, allowing users to bring in data from multiple sources for comprehensive analysis.

AI-Powered Analytics

Tableau CRM’s AI capabilities provide intelligent insights and predictions, helping users discover valuable patterns in their data and make data-driven decisions.

Dashboard and Report Creation

Users can create dynamic and customizable dashboards and reports to present data in a meaningful and visually appealing way.